About me

Some years ago a new client asked me to find a solution for his denim issues.  Their low priced jeans really looked “low price” but they wanted them to look GREAT! The fits have been inconstant and the washes have been horrible. Three years later the product was fine, they earned money, the stock was very reasonable and when I finished this project five years later, their buying volume exceeded 15 Mio jeans and this volume has been handled by their own technicians – no more buying at vendors or agents.

What can I do for You? 

Good and sustainable jeans are not the result of rocket technology.

There are very good mills and very good garment producers all over the world. But as well “actors”, who treat their workers without any respect, who promiss a lot but don’t keep their promises.

Depending on Your needs, I can recommend the countries where You should produce and as well the supply partners which are matching. 

I could help You to restructure Your denim purchasing.

Whats Your target, Your quality level, volume and price?   … let’s talk!

When You are representing a mill, I can adapt or fine-tune Your collection to make it suitable for potential clients. If You are producing garments, I am ready to recommend clients for You and even build up the contacts. But I will not work as Your sales staff.

I am not a designer – I am the task force for all Your denim issues.