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denim is something special. It acts and reacts like human and changes with its age. Whatever You learned regarding woven fabrics, does not necessarily work with denim. You change the fabric and then You have to adjust Your patterns.  Here You will find mills who are producing great denims, You will find serious vertical setups who give You the full package and You will find garment producers who really know denim. There are as well producers of buttons, rivets, labels, tags,… and trouble shooter (washing experts), who can do a lot for You. Check it out! There are lots of other mills and factories, who are not mentioned here – be it, I don’t know them, they don’t have a good reputation or they want to select their future clients on their own and don’t want to be mentioned here.

Recently the big vertical setups in Pakistan split into mills and garment producers as independent  companies. 

  country company
mills Bangladesh Shasha Denim, Amber Denim, Envoy, Nice, Yogotex, Argon, Chittagong Denim ,  
  China Prosperity , Foison
  India Arvind, Aarvee, Anubha, Bhaskar
  Italy Candiani, Berto, PG Denim
  Japan Collect, Kaihara, Kuroki
  Pakistan Indigo, Kassim, Crescent Bahuman, Naveena NDL, SM Denim Mills
  Taiwan 496 fabric lab, Knitindigo, 
  Thailand Atlantic Mills, Absolute Denim
  Turkey Orta, Calik, Isko, Bossa, Kilim denim, Kipas
  Vietnam Viet Hong, Tuong Long,
vertical setups Bangladesh Nassa, Noman Group, Mahmud Group, Smart Jeans
  Pakistan Artistic Milliners, ADMCrescent Bahuman Ltd,  Soorty, Kassim, Asgard9, US apparel, Rajby, Master Textile Mills Ltd, 
  Vietnam TCE, Phong PhuViet Hong, Jomu Textiles
  Taiwan Tai Yuen, Nien Hsing 

Black Peony Ltd.

garment producers Bangladesh Pacific Jeans, Regency, Soorty BD, Pioneer Group, Kenpark, Sharmin Group , Ananta Group, Standart Group, Sterling Group, M&J 
  Pakistan Cottonweb, Samad
  Turkey Dinatecs
  Sri Lanka Hirdaramani Group
  Vietnam Saigon 3, Sai-Tex, Protrade GarmentsHirdaramani ,  XDD, Resources Garments, 
  Ethiopia Hirdaramani
  Egypt Lotus Garments
  Tunisia Denim Authority, Gonser Group, 
small batches Greece fit and craft
accessories, labels, tags global DeriDesen, Kasif Leather label
  Pakistan ZAK
accessories, buttons, rivets global APExpress
auditing, inspections, buying house Pakistan Softwood
expert for washing and wet/dry effects  global Vale Domsa – Special finishes on denim, customised denim collections and know-how transfer from R&D to mass production –