Foison Textile

strength experience, knowledge, raw material available, strong in man made fibres, skilled workforce, very good infrastructure, was the biggest denim producer globally
weakness language skills, high education level leads to issues for the garment industry, workers prefer to work in better payed jobs
opportunity just fabrics, a few mills concentrate on the international market (these mills are really good. Their fabrics are used in general in Vietnam and Bangladesh) whereas others are now just working for the huge chinese market, chinese owned and managed garment production are found in Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam
threat environmental laws imposed on the garment industry,
import regulations 12% import duty (not an issue when the fabric is used in Vietnam (from 2019) or Bangladesh)
migration visa at the embassy
mills Prosperity,  Foison
comment in 2017 China delivered into the EU 77,0 million jeans whereas in 2013 there have been 142 million. This is a decrease of 46%. There are still very good and creative mills in China. Their fabrics should be used in other asian countries like Bangladesh or Vietnam.