LoCO2 – less CO2


The next shout out for the fast adaptation industries is responsible product development. From fuel efficient and renewable energy cars of automobiles to biodegradable composites, the ethical and responsible product line is important for the planet we all love equally. Just like other global industries vigorous working is in progress in fashion and denim industry for sustainable clothing. 

In denim industry the use of water, energy and CO2 emissions are extremely high. Therefore, the overall carbon footprint of the industry is high which is needed to be reduced significantly. A lot of work has already been done in the area of water savings. For example, the demand of organic cotton (in which water consumption is 80% lesser than conventional cotton and no harmful pesticides are used during cultivation) is increasing as consumer is getting educated on these matters. The latest automations in denim machinery are also reducing the energy consumptions for instance e-Flow Technology by Jeanologia is a great example. However, a lot of work has to be done in the area of processing to further reduce the energy consumptions. A lot of transportation and gas emissions also result in a higher CO2 emission level. 

However, the most alarming fact about clothing industry is the used textile waste. Only in USA over 15 Million Tons of used clothing is generated every year. About 35% is either reused/recycled or combusted for energy, rest of 65% is sent to landfill on an additional cost of approx. 45$ per ton. This shows the significance, need and importance of recycling of textile waste.