The Phantom Series – color denim from Indigo


The beauty of denim is its ability of fading down upon use. Indigo dye used in the making of denim fabric is the actual reason of achieving this fade down effect. Furthermore, the special methods of rope dyeing or slasher dyeing also play a major role in creating a ring dye effect around the yarn. Indigo dye is ideally to be layered around the warp yarn surface and shouldn’t be penetrating in to the core of the yarn. Thus, the garment made from denim fabric, has the tendency to loose the dye stuff which is known as fading. This colour loss is not only possible in home laundering but it may also occur upon abrasion and wear & tear upon regular use.

In the fast fashion denim industry different experiments have been done in order to get a colour addition to this basic twill fabric called denim. One of the most successful product categories is Chino, a twill line fabric with overall colour unlike denim where the weft remains white. Inspite of having a broad colour spectrum Chino can never give competition to denim and the main reason is the absence of fading. The dyeing techniques used to achieve colour on Chinos can never get similar results like Indigo dye. However, coloured denim has always been getting a way to fashion forecasts since last decade. Particularly it allows the designers to implement their mood and colour board into denim product categories more efficiently. Therefore, the fading effect just like Indigo with a broader colour spectrum has always been a fantasy for the denim design world.

Sighting this demand the Researchers at Indigo Textile Pvt. Ltd. have found a way of dyeing the rope yarn with a specially modified liquid Sulphur in collaboration with a renowned chemical supplier, alongwith the presence of a broad and bright colour spectrum, which was not possible earlier. Furthermore, the application of this newly developed dye class is only possible with the newly customized Smartec dyeing range of Indigo Textile Pvt Ltd. The whole process of this innovative dyeing technique is named as The Phantom Series because the fading effect in bright colours just like Indigo was a mere fiction previously but now it is possible. At the moment our researchers are working on to further widen the colour spectrum of The Phantom Series and evaluations have already been in process to measure the sustainable advantages of this method.


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