strength very experienced workforce, merchandise can arrive in Europe within a few days, european managed factories, highest quality
weakness the dinar lost value. Now Tunisia reached the same level for sewing as Pakistan, fabrics from Turkey can be used in Tunisia duty free, fabrics from South Asia will become more expensive because of tariffs but asian fabrics are at least one Euro less expensive than fabrics from Turkey and about two Euros less expensive than european fabrics.
opportunity produce in Tunisia under european control or with very experienced Tunisian producers 
minimum wages 330 Dinars – 105,- Euro
import regulations EUR1 with Europe
migration visa upon arrival
mills Swift
vertical setups
garment producers Gonser Group, Sartex, Denim Authority, Demco, Wic, VTL
foreign mills to be considered Candiani, Berto, Orta, Denimco, Isco, Indigo, Prosperity, Foison